Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blog Look

I am working on a template so that the rules are on the sidebar, once that is done, I will start inviting all the swappers to join the blog - to start posting if they'd like!

I'll keep you posted! New blog look coming soon!

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Shayla said...

Just to let you know, I DID mail out yours, and everyone else's swaps. I've withdrawn from swapbot and the other swaps I'm involved in because I am just getting tired of all the "nagginess" of it all. I have not received some of my swaps either, but I am not going to hunt down the people and demand that they send their swap to me, nor am I going to threaten to tell everyone about their no sends. Swapbot was so much fun for awhile, until now. This is an imperfect world, things get lost, things get delayed, emails get sent to the wrong folders, or lost, or deleted and it does not mean the person is irresponsible or ignoring anyone. Again, I have mailed EVERY swap I have been involved with, and I will not participate in any others, it's just not fun anymore.