Monday, February 19, 2007

Spring Stitch Marker Exchange

Hey Everyone!

Just as I did a bunch of months ago, I'm hosting my 3rd ever Stitch Marker Swap. The last one was extremely successful with about 15 participants! I held one earlier on in 2006 and then another one around Xmas 2006! It's been a blast!

Here are the rules:
Deadline to sign up is: March 15th, 2007.
Deadline to mail stitch markers is: March 31st, 2007

You can request as many partners as you would like. You will be required to make 5 stitch markers per person, and you will receive 5 stitch markers back from someone else! Most of the time, stitch markers can go out in regular mail in a small bubble envelope or even in a regular envelope, to keep postage to the minimum!

If you are interested, please email me here with your full mailing address, blog address, and your request for the amount of partners.

I am hosting this personally, because of the amount of fraud on Swap-bot, I'm not posting it there. Too many people sign up and don't actually send stuff out, so that no one gets screwed over, I'm doing it only with people I know! Newcomers ARE welcome, but if you do not send out stitch markers you will be banned from future swaps. Also - if you are a newcomer, let me know if you've ever participated in Secret Pal or Swap-bot - and if you have a profile on there.

Hope everyone is doing well, and knit on!



Barb said...

sent you an email :)

g-girl said...

hey, you should post it with the 2007 kals and exchanges! :)

lainehmann said...

Sign me up!
Two partners (plus you!) please. :)

Whaledancer said...

I hope its ok but I forwarded you Stitch marker blog to a couple of knitty friends. I have no idea how to make stitch markers so I won't sign up but I think its a very cool exchange.
Have fun!

dana said...

MAN! I just found out about this AND I already missed the deadline! Do it again soon, pretty please!!!