Thursday, March 29, 2007


Partner matches are just about done, they will be emailed tomorrow, March 30th, 2007. Sorry it took a few extra days to do them, it was quite the task!

There's a few numbers over 50 of us - and it was all manual matching (depending on how many partners you have requested!)

Anyhow - thanks for your patience, and happy swapping!



daaydream said...

thanks for the time, energy and effort you have put into this... i'm so looking forward to it.

franney said...

How exciting! I'm looking forward to getting started on this next week :o)
Thanks Robyn, you're a star!

Celena said...

Don't worry about taking extra time. You're doing so much already! Thanks!

Miss T said...

This had to be a complicated list to match up--thanks for all your great work setting up this exchange!