Saturday, April 21, 2007

thank you Marga :)

marga spoiled me rotten , sent me alot more then stitch markers. love it all thanks so much marga.
but i got to ask.
how did you know i was looking for more wool to make clogs with and thinking ok Tuesday i must order more off line ? just enough to make mikes clogs with ?
and how in the world did you know today i was looking around thinking if only i had a tin with a see through top so i could put all my stitch markers in them and see what i have?
and how in the world did you know i was thinking of grabbing a clip for my patterns so i could knit easier when i am watching tv ? by the way that is what the little lamb standing up is :)
and how did you know i was thinking of a bag to hold my circulars in smaller then the ones i have to hold all them in for one project at a time sort of thing?
and the tooth brush cover? how did you know i accidental threw out mikes tooth brush last week and we were trying to figure a way to make his new one stand out so i would know it was his. or that Mandy pie loves bubbles? i tell you what marga you hit the nail on the head with it all. love the tiny stitch markers. thanks so much for everything you made me smile today in big ways.
hugs and love and tons of prayers from me Crissy in Alaska aka knitmewarm

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