Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today Was THE Day!!

My stitch markers arrived!!! First, I opened Robyn's envelope from Canada and found these. I love the MADE IN CANADA sticker! Matches the one on my Lendrum wheel. These markers remind me of little pieces of candy. The round one looks like a piece of bubble gum!!

Next, I opened Celena's, from Florida, envelope. She knew that my favorite color is green and sent these! What cute notepaper! Three of these markers have tiny bells on them. The rings on them are also 2 different sizes. I'm knitting socks on a #1 needle now and the smaller rings will work perfectly!
Thanks to Robyn for hosting the swap and to both Robyn and Celena for sharing their creativity with me. Now, I must go accessorize my knitting!
Can't wait to do it again!!!!!

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jdknits said...

Hey, I recognize that notepaper! We shared a gifter!