Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sorry it's late...

I received three sets last week and never had a chance to get pics or post. I'm sorry this is late, but I wanted to send my thanks and gratitude to Karine, Leslie and Kimberly. These pictures are not as nice as I'd like, but are as clear as I could take them.

These are from Karine. They are open loops - a unique design, and very pretty!

These are from Leslie. It's nice to have some longer ones for some projects, and despite the awful photography with these, the colors are beautiful!

These are mix-and-match from Kimberly at Woven-n-Spun. I love the mille fiore (I hope I spelled that right) - the tiny designs are beautiful. And one of them was made by her son, from a little felted ball! It's beautiful!

Thanks to all!
Caroline in NH

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