Monday, June 18, 2007

Thank You Sulah -- They're Beautiful!!

Over the weekend I received these great stitch markers from Sulah! I just love the "reversible" idea, and the large end fits perfectly on size 11 needles, which means I'll get lots of use out of them-- I seem to use 11's quite a bit. The markers were accompanied by a cute note pad and a fun magnetic pen!

I also mailed out my three sets of markers on Friday. So,
Leigh, Brenda, and Marsha -- yours are on their way! I also tried something a little different with the ones I made. I've made LOTS of jewelry, and one stringing material I've had fun with is waxed linen cord. It's strong, yet fluid, and it doesn't snag on things. I decided that if it works for necklaces and bracelets, it should work for stitch markers too, so I used it! I hope you like them.

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Teal said...

Thank you. Mine arrived today and I love them. we've been wondering what you used to string the beads. Now I know!