Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I received many sets of lovely markers over the weekend and beginning of this week. First, we had this lovely set from Kimberly. I promise it's a set. I may have immediately put them to use on a project.



Saturday brought a package from Judy G., filled with all sorts of goodies, few of which I have pictured :) The popcorn you can just see in the picture was devoured by my co-workers. It kind of happens when I leave foodstuffs on my desk. I managed a few bites without getting attacked.


Then on Monday (I love getting mail) I received this delicate set of markers from knittymommy sized just right for sock knitting. I hadn't realized I was missing something so important in my life until these arrived.


Thanks for such wonderful markers, ladies!


The Knittymommy said...

Thanks for posting a photo of my stitch markers to you. I wasn't able to take pictures of them before they left because I've been lacking in mojo lately.

Would you mind if I grabbed the photo to put up on my blog? With credits to you, of course.

I hope you enjoy using them!

Melissa said...

Feel free to post away! I think I have another shot or two on my flickr that you're also welcome to :)