Friday, July 20, 2007


I kicked someone out of the exchange. She will no longer be allowed to participate. I know from 1 of her 3 pals, she did not send markers. I'm inquiring with the other 2. If you'd like to be an angel, please email me at if you'd like to send out an extra set to someone who didn't get any stitch markers from the girl I booted.

It sucks, but there are people who sign up who don't follow through. I hate it. But it happens. For every handful, there's one... how sad!

Email me. Let me know. I have three girls needing an angel and some love.

Your Hostess, Robyn

ps- Fall sign ups are at about 39 people. I'll either let sign ups go until the end of August as listed, or when we hit 50 people... so spread the word....! Get people to sign up!


ms. pixie riot said...

I think I need to send some emails, because I didn't hear from two of my recipients!

Jenn said...

I'l be an angel. And for the record, I still never got all my sets from the last exchange!

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

I would be happy to be an Angel for you. BTW, I haven't heard from some folks if they recieved theirs or not. (So, of course, I am wondering if the person you booted was one of my spoilees...) Just let me know who to send them to. bbsol*at*earthlink*dot*net

Melissa said...

I'm also happy to send out some more markers. Just let me know.

Marion said...

I'd be happy to help out too. So sign me up for being an Angel. So far I have received 3 sets, so I'm still waiting for 2 sets to arrive.

I'm not sure if I've joined the next swap and thus if I'm one of the 38... how can I check that?
I want in for another round of 5 sets ;-))

Knit Wit said...

Makes me wonder, too. I sent out three sets, but only saw acknowledgements from one recipient. I hope they arrived!