Thursday, August 30, 2007


I've invited everyone to participate in the blog. If by chance you do not see your invite, please email to mention this to me, and I'll re-invite you.

I am slowly emailing out partners. There are 50 emails to go out, so please be patient. Everyone will have their partners by the end of the weekend. If you get contacted by someone (it's not a private swap) but don't have your own pals yet, this is why. Be patient, it'll be worth the wait!

Stitch Marker Mama,


Mincka said...

I did receive the invitation, Robyn, thanks. Looking forward to receive a lott of new, international, friends. Dutch ones i've a lot.

Mincka - the Netherlands

Kena said...

Thanks for the invitation. This will be my first time making stitch markers so anyone with info to share I would appreciate it. Looking forward to participating.

Teal said...

This web site has great step by step instructions for making stitch markers:

Crafty librarian said...

hi, I haven't received any news about my stitch marker partners yet although I did receive the invite to participate in the blog. Should I be worried?

Lisa said...

Recieved my invite but not any partner info as of yet. Not sure, if you meant Monday (holiday) as the end of the weekend.