Thursday, August 2, 2007

Round 5 - Fall Swap - Closed!

We've got 50 participants! Looking forward to a great round.

Matches will start being made next week, and you should have your partners by August 15th.

The deadline will still be September 30th, 2007 to mail out your stitch markers, but you have until the end of September to get them out.

I'll be in touch!

ps- Please do not start making your stitch markers until you have your partners Hate and Fave color preferences!


Chelle and Maylee said...

Hi I sent an e-mail request to sign up on July 24th, but didn't receive an confirmation. Did you receive it and I am signed up?

lil rose thorn said...

Hello! Let me know when you're gonna do the next swap! ^_^