Thursday, September 6, 2007

Partners & Introduction

Hello! I'm Amanda Page, and I'm an Australian living in New Jersey. I've received my partners and sent off an introductory note with a couple of extra questions (crochet/knitting markers? what size do you find most useful).

My own answers to those questions; knitting, as I'm not advanced enough in crochet to need markers, and I'm OK with any size, as I have KIP or planned projects that could use all of them. The most common project I'm working on at the moment is likely to be a dishcloth, so I've been using my size 6-8 needles quite a bit.

I'm at, and don't have nearly as many knitting posts as I've composed in my head or taken photos of. I've been beading for the past 6 months or so, and have developed a passion for stitch markers and earrings. I enjoy working on combinations of beads and colours within a limited space.

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msrib said...

Hi Amanda!

I'm your partner and just sent you an e-mail full of questions. Have a great swap!