Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stitch Markers: SENT!

Just letting everyone know that i sent my 3 sets of stitch markers today! I took a few pics before i packed them this afternoon. I am convinced that stitch markers are just really hard to photograph. if anyone has any tips i would love to have them. here is what i sent: these are lavender with small green beads. hanging is some little charms that say things like "peace" and "dream."
these are round red beads with black accent beads. hanging from these are crosses and charms that say "believe."these are clay-like with balls of pink yarn with green needles, accented with pink and blue beads. these are super cute and my favorites of all that i did.

this was so fun. i hope that these are well liked! i can't wait to get some myself!


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Angela said...

Lovely. I am in the same boat, cannot photograph them nicely at all, no matter what I've tried!

The only thing I did find was putting them on a ribbon and pulling that through punched holes on some heavy cardstock and putting that up somewhere close to a light source. But they still don't come out all that great!