Friday, January 18, 2008

All 4; present and accounted for!

Thes are from Tayrn ~ I love the irridescent glow they have. Thanks so much.

These are from Liz ~ I love the texture of the purple beads anthe heart row marker is great! Thanks again!

Thse are from Liz deep jewel tones with irridescent sheen. Awsome thanks! These are from Jess and her daughter. I love the diamond shaped beads they look like they are silver lined. They sort of look like ice has formed inside of them. You both did an awesome job. Thanks so much!!

These are just beautiful an I will enjoy using them. I am preparing to open an store the begining of March.I am excited because I will be able to debut my handi crafts and jewelry. Everyone have a healthy and prosperous 2008!

Thank You & Weekend 1,


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