Monday, January 21, 2008

All received!

I have been a bit slow to post, but I received the remaining two sets of stitch markers from my pals this week! What a nice surprise to see such pretty markers in the mail!

This set is from Ruth. They came in cute pink organza bag, which is just perfect to hold all my new markers in! I love all the different colors of blue! Each bead is so different, I can't pick a favorite! Also included but not pictured, is a postcard from Seattle (love that city!) and a Trader Joe's chocolate bar, which was super tasty. Thanks, Ruth!

This set came in from Laurie. My low-level photography skillz are not enough to capture how shiny the crystals are; they sparkle when you hold them in any sort of light (except camera flash, apparently!) There is a sky blue crystal on top and bottom, with a larger white crystal in the center. I absolutely love them! Thank you Laurie!

With these two, I have received all my stich markers coming due. For those I sent to, I hope you have received them and like them! I sent one international, so I hope it will arrive soon, if it hasn't already. This swap was lots of fun! I can't wait for the next stitch marker swap!

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