Friday, January 18, 2008

All sets received and sent - THANK YOU!!!

I received three more sets of stitchmarkers, all within two days this week!

The first one I opened contained a gorgeous red set from Cheryl. It has little square hematite beads, AB coated glass beads and some red stone beads. This is so perfectly me, it's almost earie!
Thank you so much Cheryl, I love them!

Then, the same day I received stitchmarkers with knitting charms from Kena. Just look at how cute these are! Yarn and needles, a kitten with a ball of yarn, two different love to knit charms, and a tape measure! I've seen similar ones somewhere before and have been coveting them, but couldn't remember where it was! Thank you, Kena, for a great set of markers and for running this exchange for us!

My final set arrived the next day from Debbie. She not only sent beautiful markers with inspiration beads and a little angel, but also a handmade little notebook! The markers have nice large rings . I'm excited that I will now have such beauties for larger needles (probably up to a size 13 or 15). And the note pad will live right in my knitting bag since I'm always scrambling for paper when I'm out and about. Thank you so much Debbie!

I am very impressed with the markers I received from this swap. They are all very different, but I love them all, and the inspiration and ideas they give me. Thank you so much Leah, Cheryl, Kena, and Debbie!
I am anticipating many compliments on these markers at our next knit night - I can't wait to show them off!

Also, the sets I made went out on Tuesday to Lisa M., Kelly S., Courtney W., and Leah N.
I also sent out fall angel sets on that date to Robyn S., Robyn G., and Leigh C. I hope they make their way to all of you quickly.

Thanks everybody for this great experience!

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