Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Markers in the Mail

i sent markers to:

Judy Bernard

Betty Hay

Kimberly Lewis

but i have not heard from them as to whether they recieved them. they were placed in the mail before chrismas. i hope you all have recieved them! ladies, if you have not recieved them please let me know! thanks! (leave me a comment on my blog:


Judy B said...

Lindsey I am sorry I thought I emailed you I love the markers I received from you and also posted to my blog a picture of them.Thanks again Judy
my blog

B said...

Lindsey - Thank you for the stitch markers, they are lovely - I received them today and will post an entry later today at I sent something to Judy yesterday. Betty

Lindsey said...

YEAH!!! i am so glad you two have recieved them! i was just worried with the holidays and all! please enjoy them!

Anonymous said...
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Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Thank you Lindsey. I did finally make a post office run after the holiday madness and found my stitch markers. They are lovely. Thank you again. I will be using them tonight :)

Lindsey said...

yeah! everyone recieved them! woohoo!