Friday, January 25, 2008

Updating --

I asked for you to email me when all makers have been received. If you look (to the right) in the participants list I am updating those that have received all of their markers. This should eliminate some of the questions as to whether or not your markers have been received, or who received them. NOW, this DOES NOT mean that your partner did not receive your makers, it just means that they have not received ALL of their markers for the swap.

I am keeping track of this in the database and will be going through the blog today to hopefully get an accurate update on who is missing markers and who should have sent them.

Also please remember that I am giving until the 1st of February for your markers to arrive before I am going to be real concerned about them. If at that time you are still missing markers, please email me and I will check on them with your partners.

So once again, if you have received all of your markers please let me know.

Thank you for participating in this swap, stay tuned for detail for the next go round!


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