Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stitch Markers Received

I want to say a big thank you to five ladies who sent me some really beautiful stitch markers. Unfortunately, I couldn't read the name on the package from Vincennes, IN so I couldn't properly credit you in the photo. Below are all the great sets I received in this swap over the last couple of weeks.

First to arrive were the pretty pink ones from Caitlyn. The next two packages arrived from Kelly and Jennifer Schemers, and then the packages from Kate and the lady from Vincennes, IN. Thank you all for your beautiful artwork! Jen also sent a box of chocolates that only lasted until my oldest got home from play practice, and Kate sent a lovely pair of earrings as well. (They're not pictured 'cause I'm wearing them!)

Click to see the full-size image: Spring 08 Stitch Marker Swap

I mailed markers out to Ruth, Heather, Samantha, Taryn, and Jen Stafford last week. Watch your mailboxes ladies; they should be arriving if they haven't already!

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heather said...

The ones from Vincennes were from me. Sorry my handwritting is absolutely terrible.