Thursday, October 30, 2008

i've got 3 markers.

sorry it took a minute to post them, life got in the way and i forgot. but here are the 3 from Catherine, Lisa, and an A Paulson... who i'm guessing is Angie... but she wasn't on my list which i just realized today when i got an email from Kena... so i hope we can figure that out!!!

ok blogger is not cooperating so maybe i will post pictures later!!


Meema said...

Yes, it was me. :-/ Sorry for the confusion - I had every intention of putting a note in the package (which would have had my name on it...). Oops! Hope you enjoy!

- Angie

Kena said...


You are right, you were to receive from Angie but not send to her. We had an odd number in the end!!