Thursday, February 26, 2009

OMG! I thought I had another week AFTER Feb 24th to send out my markers! Well, I have them packaged up but I wanted to get some cards to include with them. So, Kena, Jennifer, Angie, Lisa and Lynda, your packages will be in the mail this Saturday when I can get to the post office. Sorry, I just assumed I had another week after the deadline, so was taking my time. I also was hoping to be able to solder the rings to make them more sturdy. I never found the soldering iron, so I guess maybe next time?

On another note, here are all the beautiful stitch markers I have received. My pictures certainly do not do them justice, but hopefully you can get an idea of what beautiful things have come my way.
From Kena:
thank you, I like how you made your rings!

and from Catherine I received these sparkly stitchmarkers along with a little notebook and pen set and some candies. My 4 year old daughter nabbed the package before I could take a picture, and she ate all the candies. Her preschool had lion dancers come visit and it really impressed her when they threw candies out into the audience. I didn't know about these New Year candies before...
Also, I like how you made your rings. I can't figure out how you tied off the rings.
From Lynda came these lovely markers, clear millefiore type glass with blue flowers and yellow centers along with a chocolate bar and a cute card of a dragon pulling a train:

And from Lisa, I received these beautiful pink and green markers with some candies and tea. The token in the middle says "be yourself"

Thank you so much to everybody!

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Cath said...

Hey Brenda,

Glad you liked the markers. I had a great time making them.

I noticed that you only have four markers in the picture. Did the fifth one not make it? I have an extra (I like to make a spare, just in case) if one of your broke in transit. I feel really bad that you're short one marker. Let me know if you need the last one and I'll send it out to you.

Take care.